Work Options

Whether You're Looking for a Temporary, Temporary Direct, or Direct Placement in Michigan, Entech Medical Staffing has an Option for You!

A photo of Entech Medical StaffWith more than 25 years under our belts aligning job seekers with job creators, we understand that peoples’ work preferences are just as varied and unique as their personalities.

Some people thrive when given the opportunity to experience a variety of work environments and challenges, when others prefer the stability of a long-term position. Some are strictly 8 to 5, Monday-Friday. And then there are those who want flexible work schedules.

As a leading provider of medical staffing solutions, we’re often held to a higher standard than most staffing agencies. Fortunately, as a close-knit group of energetic, agile, passionate and dedicated business strategists and social butterflies, our job is to find you the right job- a job that not only maximizes your skills and experience, but one that matches your personality and, for lack of a better word, completes you. So whether you're interested in the flexibility of short-term projects, want to test-drive a position before going permanent or you’re simply craving a better work/life balance, Entech Medical Staffing (EMS) has the experience, the resources and the options for you. 
So check us out- We’re pretty sure you’ll love working with us!


They say variety is the spice of life... Sounds 'temping'!

If you enjoy a flexible schedule and keeping your options open when it comes to work environment, EMS's temporary staffing option is for you. Temporary assignments allow you to perfect the skills you have - and learn new ones - while maintaining the flexibility you're looking for.

As an EMS Associate on temporary assignments, you have a continuing opportunity to hone your talents and expand your work experience. Whether you're a seasoned professional who thrives in a busy hospital environment or a recent graduate looking for specialized opportunities in a private office setting, EMS has the connections to help you grow.
Our unique skills assessment and career matching tools help us pinpoint job opportunities that best suit your abilities and interests. When everything is said and done, we place you on assignments where you'll be happy and successful.

Temporary to Direct

The test drive that seals the deal.

Daydreaming of working in a specific field or getting your foot in the door with a certain company? How about improving your chances of being hired for a direct position while getting to know the employer before you commit? Or maybe you need to further develop and hone your skills through on and off-the-job training?

You're in luck! EMS's temp-to-direct career option allows you to do all of the above. We first match your skills and career goals to opportunities where you'll have the best odds of being satisfied and successful. From there, we lean on our years of relationships with area employers to help get you a foot in the door at a place where there may be a good fit.

The whole idea here is to help facilitate an opportunity for you to see what it's like to work in a certain field or with a specific employer first hand. And with more employers utilizing the Temporary to Direct option as a means to assess potential employees in an effort to make more informed hiring decisions, this is always a great option for employees to put their best foot forward!

Direct Placement

Show the world what you're made of!

It's no secret that compatibility is the glue that fosters thriving relationships that last. This is exactly why we do what we do! Our passion is using every tool available (and sometimes creating new ones!) to match you with employment opportunities that are best aligned with your specific skills, interests, work style and career goals.

Unlike a temporary or contract position, when you are hired 'direct' you become a full-time employee with a set work schedule and a regular paycheck. Although you may not have the flexibility to control your own time or negotiate performance-based incentives, you have the comfort and confidence of knowing that you will work for an employer indefinitely!

And After Successful Placement...

The cool part is, we don't stop there! To ensure we find you the right fit, our recruiters go beyond simple resume assistance, career counseling and providing tips. While those resources are indeed helpful, we know that to be truly successful in your career path, YOU need to understand the specifics of your strengths, interests and skills in order to reveal those direct opportunities where you're most likely to be happy and successful.

On the surface this may seem like common sense, but it's these little nuggets of knowledge that define compatibility between you and your employer, and ultimately create the opportunity to hone your professional identity.

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