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RN/LPN Correctional Facility

Job Duties

Correctional nurses get assigned a variety of tasks, starting with maintaining proper safety procedures. Their duties include properly monitoring medical supplies, like needles and medication. In order to maximize overall safety, correctional nurses learn to limit the use of potentially dangerous materials, like scalpels and intravenous drips. Aside from an emphasis on the safety of medical professionals, the work of correctional nurses mirrors that of RNs and LPNs. They carefully monitor patients' progress and responses to medical treatments, as well as administer medication and maintain disease clinics. Correctional nurses also properly document patient medical histories.

Hours:  6 am - 6:30 pm.


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Contingent Nurse

Seeking an RN or LPN to work on a contingent basis in a facility.  Ensure quality and safe delivery of home care services in accordance with clients care plan. Consult with health care team members to assess, implement and evaluate patient...