This is Harold, one of the many employees at Entech.At Entech, we are nothing without our team of hardworking employees. We are so thankful for them, so we wanted to show them some much-deserved appreciation. This blog will be the first of a series in which we spotlight some of the stellar employees we have gotten to know over the years. Each spotlight employee will be given a cash bonus as a thank you. Deciding who should kick this series off was an easy choice: it had to be Harold.

Harold has been with Entech since 2011. Our recruiters who have had the pleasure of working with him cannot say enough wonderful things. He is kind, positive, and is an employee we know will make us proud in whatever role he takes. We had the chance to sit down with him and dig a little deeper.

Q: What is your work history with Entech?

A: I started in Concessions. Over the years, I moved to Suites Worker and then was offered the opportunity of Lead Supervisor. Entech has given me great opportunities. I have been in school for Social Work, and working here has kept me focused and allowed me to have flexible shifts.

Q: Tell us about your life outside of work.

A: I have been married for 43 years. We raised four kids, who are all grown and doing great. I was born in Detroit in the Jeffries Projects. The only time I left was when I served in the military for 5 years. Then I came back and am now working while in school. It isn’t easy, but this is the path in front of me. Working with Entech has been one of the most flexible places I have worked. Diane came in when I was going through a difficult time, and since then I have received support, love, and understanding from the whole team.

Q: What do you like about what you do?

A: Working with young people. One young lady I work with said now she wants what she is doing to be her career. The younger people look to me as a leader. I try to lead with respect and honesty. I give a few people rides when they don’t have a way to get home. To me, relationships are important. Whether it is paying bus fare or giving them a ride, a lot of these people have problems going on in their lives, so it gives me the chance to talk them through it and let them know things can change. 
I also get a kick working with the Veterans.

Q: What has your experience been like working here?

A: It has been a treat because of the encouragement I have received. Dayna has been very helpful. Diane has always been supportive of me. I’m getting to know Deb more and she is awesome. Zoe is great. I love all these guys. They get the job done. I really am proud to be a part of the Entech family, because I know it is growing and going big places. I would highly recommend people explore this work option.

To know Harold is to love him, and we certainly do! Harold, thanks for all that you have brought to the table over the years. We wouldn’t be who we are without you!